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Stick To Innovation, Strict Standards2019-4-29 9:37:29

On April 3, 2019, Beiqi New Energy Construction Group Standardization Import and Charging Business Work Conference was held in Beijing. About 200 people from BAIC's new energy distributors, service providers, chargers, user representatives, and employees of BAIC New Energy Company attended the meeting.


Bu Hongsheng, assistant general manager of Beiqi New Energy and executive deputy general manager of marketing company, said at the meeting: “From big data platform cloud service to “five-in-one” charging and replacement solution, BAIC New Energy has been committed to building diversified customers. The charging and power protection system for electric vehicles travels. In cooperation with the world-class certification consulting company, TüV Rheinland, the charging service of BAIC New Energy will be further upgraded and continue to lead the industry.

According to reports, in the cooperation with TüV Rheinland, BAIC New Energy will provide users with professional, unified and quality charging facilities installation and after-sales from the perspective of user experience. Service, set the benchmark for the charging service industry, and further enhance the reputation of users.


The number of piles is first, and the pile construction standard is leading.

It is reported that the current pure electric vehicle market in Beiqi New Energy has exceeded 250,000. As the leader of pure electric vehicles, Beiqi New Energy has been laid out as early as five years ago. In 2013, in the face of the initial charging difficulties in the industry, Beiqi New Energy took the lead in providing free self-use charging pile services for users, and established a complete set of pile management support system, leading the direction of industry development. Up to now, Beiqi New Energy has built 16,000 self-built public piles and built 63,000 private piles. It has become the number one new energy vehicle enterprise in the main plant.



Qingdao Huashuo Gaoke New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of “Customer First”. Through 2018 years of unremitting efforts and service innovation, it won the title of “Best Installation Ambassador” and won the “Best Installation Service Team”. "Award.


Join hands with TüV Rheinland to build standardization and branding


Beiqi New Energy cooperates with TüV Rheinland to carry out the certification of the installation service personnel for the installation, and assists the various charging partners to establish a well-managed, professional and service-oriented construction service team to promote the construction of large-scale piles. Stable and orderly development, and laid the foundation for BAIC New Energy's globalization strategy.


As the leading new energy product supplier in China, Qingdao Huashuo Hi-Tech is not only a new energy technology innovation practitioner, but also a leader in standards. At the beginning of this year, Huashuo installers achieved Ryan through precise service and unremitting efforts. Certification standards. It has laid a good foundation for the international advanced level of service quality.


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